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Choose Your Action Alert


There are so many ways to get involved in making education better.  I hope you’re all getting back into the swing of school and gauging how you can best be involved this year.  If you’d like a break from mulling over all your volunteer options, read through the quick, easy action alerts below and choose one thing you can do to make a difference without even leaving your computer.

From Brenda Drummer Martin, 2011 Mom Congress delegate from Kentucky:

          Join Brenda and the National PTA and  Urge Congress Not to Stand in the Way of Healthier School Lunches  

          While you’re on the PTA site, Support and Endorse the Family Engagement Act

From Catherine Calhoun, the 2011 Louisiana delegate:

          Please show your support for programs like this by liking the LSU AgCenter Facebook page.  Please post a note that Ella and Billy Calhoun sent you there and are appreciative of all the great work done by this group.

Read more about the LSU AgCenter in her highlight last week.  They’re doing great work for kids!