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Day Four of the Blog-a-thon

Meeno Peluce

Actress, author, and mother of two, Soleil Moon Frye joins us with a sweet open letter to her girls on her site moonfrye:

I am so very proud of you and will do my very best to make sure you both get an incredible education. I will always try to be a great mommy to you and to be involved in your schools, learning, and life lessons. I always want you feel like I am an active part of your experience.

And then there’s the lovely Jen Barth, our 2011 Mom Congress delegate from Oregon:

In a state challenged with significant issues on the education front,  I know that as your parent I need to do as much as I possibly can to learn more about what I can do for you, and our broader community.

Leslie Crawford of GreatSchools writes:

The best way I can help you this year at school, and in the many school years to come, is to let you go, to let you grow up. Not that this will be easy, for either of us. The truth is that growing up and going to school can be really hard.

Blogging guru and 2011 New York Mom Congress delegate Rebecca Levey has this to say:

What I haven’t seen much of is a code of behavior to be signed by parents.  (or teachers and staff for that matter)  So I’m laying out my behavior contract for how I will help them with their educational goals and work for the year.

Maggie Cheung of Mighty Maggie and a fellow Parenting Post blogger manages to be both funny and motivational:

While you're working on your letters and numbers and drawing and painting and singing, I'm going to put on my Mom Pants (the yoga variety, natch) and step things up.

There's still one more day in our 2011 Mom Congress Back-to-School Blog-a-thon. Please join us!