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Going Strong for Our Kids

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Today’s blog-a-thon entries did not disappoint.  We’re continuing to hear from parents who are focused on doing the best for their children’s education.

Jenny Feldon of Karma (…continued) wrote a loving letter to her son and daughter about all the things she wants for them:

I promise to let you keep learning, always. I promise to find the patience to answer your questions, to make the time to listen, and to learn along with you when I need to.

Dr. Elanna S. Yalow of Knowledge Universe wrote about the importance of oral language skills:

When parents think about literacy, they most often think about the importance of written language, letter recognition, and reading. But an equally critical foundation of good communication is oral language, helping children learn to use words to talk as well as to listen.

I threw my hat into the blog-a-thon ring over at The Parenting Post.

Our 2011 Wyoming delegate Connie Hollin gave her son and daughter some sweet words of encouragement:

We can accomplish anything if we just stick together and support one another. I promise that I will always give you my best and even when things are not perfect and I tell you no, it is out of love.

With introspection and humor, Melisa of Shiny Brite walked us through her plans to support her kids this year.

One thing I know for sure is that a new school year has begun, and I have to take an active part in making it a good one for my kids.

I love seeing any of our delegates start blogs so we can hear more from them.  New blogger, 2011 South Carolina delegate Windy Tuck, inaugurated her blog with a letter to her three kids to kick off the school year.

Melissa Taylor, the 2011 Mom Congress delegate from California, ran a series on advocacy all week that goes in-depth on how parents can advocate for their children.  Start here and move through them all!

This post is part of the Mom Congress Back-to-School Blog-a-thon. Please join us!