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Letters to Our Children


Our friend Kelly S. Holdcraft of Georgetown University wrote a letter to her children about how she and her husband will continue to support them even though she is incredibly busy this year:

I promise that I will make most of your games and concerts, some of your practices, few of your school events, and maybe one of your field trips this year.  Don’t worry though because Daddy will be there for all of them.

2010 Ohio Delegate Emily Rempe wrote on her wonderful site Productive Parenting about how it will take a team of people to make her children’s education a success. 

This year as you enter second grade, first grade and kindergarten I want you to know that you are not alone but, rather, part of a team.  The team is comprised of you, your dad, myself and your teachers.  We each have unique and important roles to play as we work together to discover and develop the unique talents you have each been blessed with.

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