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Mom Congress Can Change the World

Melissa Taylor

When I signed on to blog for Mom Congress, I was excited about the initiative.  What a great idea to get powerhouse moms from around the country into one room to combine their energy and passion for change and use that power for good.  The cynic in me was pretty sure that this was largely a very clever and well-meaning photo-op for Parenting that could also have great educational outcomes.  I didn’t mind the imagined mercenary overtones because the project seemed so worthwhile. 

Now that I’ve spent three days here, I can tell you that it is incredibly worthwhile and I find nothing sinister or mercenary about it.  The sincerity of everyone involved in this endeavor is palpable and you really get the feeling that you’re standing on the edge of something beautiful, something about to take off and become a major movement in this country.

Parenting has created an incredible forum, further empowering a group of talented and ambitious leaders and then unleashing them on an unsuspecting world and our schools had better be ready for some advocacy efforts that will blow them out of the water… in a good way.  I get the impression that even Parenting didn’t know what they would achieve in just two short years.  They planted a seed and it is growing like wildfire, although wildfire doesn’t come from a seed normally so that makes the simile all the more powerful, right? 

Unlike so many discussions of education policy, the conversations I’ve been a part of here are positive and uplifting.  The speakers are qualified, extremely talented, and knowledgeable.  They have packed in hours and hours of amazing experts each day and the amount of information is staggering.  I took notes and I’ll be sharing much of what I’ve learned with you over the coming days and weeks.  Hopefully other delegates will chime in with their thoughts and impressions because as much as we’re a group unified in purpose, (Do you like how I slyly lumped myself in with the delegates there?) we all have different opinions on how to reach our goals and we have learned so much from each other over the past few days.  I want that sharing to continue.  We all need that sharing to continue.

Although some of the discussions have been big picture, much of what we’ve talked about are grass roots programs and initiatives that I can start using immediately to help my kids and other families in my school and community. 

I thought I was coming to this conference to network, research for the blog, and learn.  I’m leaving with knowledge, motivation, and a call to action.  There are things I've learned here that I will be acting on within hours of arriving home.  There are many things I've learned here that I hope to be acting on for the rest of my life.

This is a movement for any parent who cares about the future of children and the future of our country.  You don't have to be a delegate to get involved.  Please like Mom Congress on Facebook and encourage your friends to do so.  This will give you access to incredible resources and make you part of something truly great. 

Are you worried that I'm running out of adjectives?  Don't worry.  I'll have more tomorrow.

Kathryn Thompson is a mom to two school-aged kids, a toddler, and a deceased betta fish. She can also be found at The Parenting Post, and occasionally the gym.