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Mom Congress at the White House – Champions of Change

Photo by Serge Melki for Flickr (CC Licensed)

On the final day of the Mom Congress conference, several delegates headed to the White House to take part in a round table discussion as part of the Champions of Change series, a forum where Americans are invited to the White House to share their ideas on how to win the future.  The participants were then interviewed and their recorded insights are available on  This week’s series focuses on parents who are making a difference in their communities through the work they’re doing in education.  Who better to speak out on this than our Mom Congress delegates?! 

Catherine McManus of Parenting said of the experience, “Each of those all-important voices at the White House roundtable – whether from one of our amazing Mom Congress delegates or a local PTA leader working towards improving DC-area schools – proved that the most powerful movement in education reform can start with one mom raising her hand and speaking up about what’s best for her child.”

Please head over to the site and watch these fabulous women and other Champions of Change share their insights on parental involvement.  Watching their video brought a huge smile to my face and I got a little misty-eyed.  I love and miss spending time with these women!  And yet I’m so glad that they’re all back where they belong, spread throughout the country, making a difference in the lives of children.

Together as parents with children as our first priority, we can change the world and win the future.

Kathryn Thompson is a mom to two school-aged kids, a toddler, and a deceased betta fish. She can also be found at The Parenting Post, and occasionally the gym.