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Moms About Town


Mom Congress delegates are known for speaking out on issues facing education and what better place to do that than the internet where their words can reach far and wide?  Today I highlight a few posts by our delegates from around the web.

Mandy Grisham, the 2011 Mom Congress Delegate from Tennessee, hosted Participant Media’s Town Hall  on education last month and had the chance to share her thoughts on how parents can make a difference on the Department of Education blog.

From her post, “What goes on in the child’s life after school is often out of the hands of our elected officials.

Most of us can agree that the people who influence a child during these post-school hours are an important factor that cannot be left out of the reform movement equation.”

She goes on to give suggestions for how parents can influence educational outcomes.

Jen Barth of Oregon and Lisa Falduto of Wisconsin blogged on the Knowledge Universe website about their experiences attending the Mom Congress conference this year.  Knowledge Universe/Kindercare and Executive Vice President Dr. Elanna Yalow are great supporters of Mom Congress.

Of her experiences, Jen said, “Although I’m not certain where the next steps on this journey will lead me, I know now for certain that it doesn’t take years of experience to be an education activist — it simply takes caring about your community, and committing to making change happen.”

Knowing Jen, I have no doubt that she will become that change agent.

Lisa’s feelings mirrored my own.  “What do you get when you put 51 energetic moms together who are focused on changing the face of our education system? You get excitement, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, and come home with a “to do” list ten times longer than you already had!”

As part of her “to do” list, she gives some great ideas for supporting early literacy in the home.

Melissa Bilash of Pennsylvania is keeping us updated on all things Education Nation Philadelphia on her Advocacy and Consulting for Education blog.  Check it out for all the latest.

Later this month we’ll be hearing from Michigan’s Kim Kuhlman who’s been working hard to create a fabulous resources for parents whose children are victims of bullying.  If you’d like a sneak peek, check out her blog Helping Hands for Hurting Hearts.