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Thoughts from the National PTA Convention

Photo Courtesy of Gwen Samuel

Several mom congress delegates and readers attended the National PTA Convention and Exhibition earlier this month.  Were you one of them?  Here are a few thoughts from women who attended:

Gwen Samuel – 2010 Mom Congress Delegate from Connecticut

I believe it’s important that we "remind" ourselves that parents come from all educational and socio-economic levels therefore information should always be, user-friendly, real-time and the issues of today.

I am here in Orlando at the PTA National Convention and my phone and email has not stopped ringing /"inboxing" because so much has happened during the legislative sessions. So much  information has been poured out on many fronts but there has not been "effective" filters for this abundance of information to help one process, analyze and synthesize what has been given to parents.

For those parents that "get it" they are able to apply it more effectively than a parent that needs help interpreting the information and then applying it effectively to their lives to help meet the needs of their children.         

Even some of the parents that I met at the PTA Conference stated they were enjoying all the information being presented but the few that I had the pleasure of meeting with felt that some PTA states would benefit more from this information than others of various socio-economic status based on their needs.

The only thing I felt was missing from the presentations of the PTA workshops that I attended at the conference was the information being given in "real time" as it relates to the fiscal crisis and the impact that it is having on resources in the community.

I had a few parents who wanted more info on Parenting Magazine and Mom Congress because they heard about the impact we were having on parents.  I referred them to our website because Mom Congress is bringing a different flavor to advocacy that many parents are gravitating to... not a staus quo but an authentic brand that we need to work on bringing to scale.


Lori Harding – 2010 Mom Congress Delegate from Utah

I attended this year's National PTA Convention in Orlando Florida! It was my 2nd time attending. I went this year as the 2011-2012 Utah State Health Commissioner. It was a great honor to be there with such fine and dedicated men and women. Yes Men! Many without their spouse to learn new ways on how to support and advocate for their children.

The National PTA did a fantastic job! The information shared by the wonderful presenters were invaluable.

The sponsors and companies part of the exhibitors brought incredible energy and invaluable resources. My favorite was Myi and their first class internet software putting you in charge of your home internet system and children's access. The protection it includes and blocking process keeps you, the parent in charge!

Check them out!

It was also great to see so many Mom Congress Delegates and visit with Sean from Parenting!


Myrdin Thompson – 2010 Mom Congress Delegate from Kentucky

"Certainly each PTA has a unique approach to reaching parents, or to promoting membership, or even how to create great leaders and advocates. But we are all working with the same goal: everychild.onevoice."  Read all about Myrdin’s experiences on her blog