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We Will Make a Difference

Kathryn Thompson

There are great things happening around the web as parents commit to be involved in their children’s education.  Let’s keep this momentum going.  To participate in the Mom Congress Back-to-School Blog-a-thon, write an open letter to your children letting them know what you will do to help them get the best education possible this year.  Then tweet the post with the hashtag #MCBlogathon.  Here are links to a few of today’s posts:

BlogHerMoms editor Stacy Morrison wrote a fabulous post and letter about the state of education and what moms can do about it.  About helping with fundraising, she writes:

I know, money sounds boring, but believe me, it plays a big role in opening horizons and worlds in front of you, in sparking your creativity, in creating fun and play as well as work in your everyday activities in your school.

Liza Weidle, the 2010 Mom Congress delegate from North Carolina, whose youngest son recently graduated from High School, says:

This fall, after 17 years of helping kids get ready for their first day of school, I could only peer out the window and watch the other moms at the bus stop helping their children get on the bus. After the bus left, I noticed one mom pull a Kleenex out of her pocket – the tradition continues as does my involvement now mentoring other moms in social media and PTA event planning.

Pamela Grundy, the 2011 North Carolina delegate, shares her thoughts in a letter to her son as they head out of the country for four months:

But I'm nervous as well. Not of a temporary move to a city with 23 million residents, terrible drivers, some of the world's worst air pollution and a language I don't read or speak. I'm nervous about this homeschooling thing.

Our 2011 Wisconsin delegate Lisa Falduto weighs in on her blog:

I want you to know how hard I will continue to work not only to make sure that you have a well rounded education experience, but that all children in our country receive the same.

Hillary Frambes is the 2011 Ohio delegate for Mom Congress.  She focuses on how lucky her kids are and how much needs to be done for all children:

I guess the point I'm trying to make here, Grant and Maddy.... is that you are both extremely lucky. You have every advantage in the world and there are many supportive people travelling with you on your journey to adulthood… All children should have so lucky and the same opportunities and access to quality education in their public schools. Unfortunately, that's not the case.  

Renee Berry, the 2011 delegate from Washington writes:

I have been blessed for the past 10 years to share an extra special school experience with you. I am a teacher AND a mom AND work at the same school you attend. It has been the JOY of my life and will always be one of the best choices that I have ever made!

Heather Jack, the 2010 delegate from Massachusetts not only pledges what she will do, but also gives a list of expectations for her kids.