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World Record for Jumping Jacks

Let's Move!

Last summer I took my family to our first monster truck stunt event at the Evergreen State Fair. Multiple world records were set for things like lighting someone on fire and then seeing how far they could run before needing to be put out and flying a semi-truck off a jump for the longest distance in history. It was an eye-opening cultural experience and we all had a great time. 

But the daredevils of Mr. Dizzy’s Crash Factory Live are not the only ones setting world records. This week First Lady Michelle Obama announced that with the help of 300,265 students, parents and teachers around the country, she set a world record for the most number of people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period.

The previous record was 20,000 and the goal to break the record was part of Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative. The broader goal of the organization is to end childhood obesity and they focus on doing anything they can to get kids active, healthy and strong.

I missed the day of jumping, although it’s possible my kids participated at school, but it’s never too late to get moving. When they get home from school today, I plan on leading them in a rousing round of jumping jacks in honor of the First Lady’s achievement.

Kathryn Thompson is a mom to two school-aged kids, a toddler and a deceased betta fish. She can also be found at The Parenting Post, and occasionally the gym.