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Featured Teacher - Patricia Vallerga

I'd like to share with you about my daughter's Language Arts Teacher, Patricia Vallerga.   She has an amazing way of taking classical education topics (Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol over the holiday season) and making them real and relevant for her 7th graders.  She is creative and fun and the kids look forward to coming to her class.  She is one of the 7th Grade Language Arts teachers at W.T. Eich Intermediate School in Roseville, CA (a California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon School). 

In addition to being a great teacher she is sensitive to the needs of her students.  My family is currently supporting my father as he goes through treatment for lung cancer.  Having lost my Mom to this disease eight years ago, both my kids know that it is inevitable that we will lose their PopPop at some point.  This impending loss has really affected my daughter's work.  Ms. Vallerga has come alongside her and really helped support her through this time so that she can continue to focus and learn and succeed.  Ms. Vallerga is an amazing human being which has a lot to do with her being an amazing teacher.

Do you know an amazing teacher who deserves some special recognition?  We want to feature outstanding educators on the Mom Congress blog and I’d love to hear about the teachers in your lives who make a difference.

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