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I'll Be There When You Need Me


Wow, another summer has come and gone – again!  Kevin, how exciting to see you starting high school!  Didn’t you just finish kindergarten a short time ago?  I am so proud of the responsible young man you are becoming.   Thank-you for not letting all the bullying, disrespect, and disregard, shown to you by so many during your education career, dampen your enthusiasm for learning.  Thank-you for hanging in there and entering high school with a positive attitude; embracing this new stage in your life.  Dad and I have worked hard to make sure you have the opportunity to attend a school outside our district that will provide you with greater opportunities than schools closer to home.  As a result, we will all need to work a little harder to keep schedules and make it all work.  I’ve already introduced myself to your new Principal and have engaged him as a resource for you and our family.  There are good people there at your school, smart people with your future in mind; connect with them and let them help you on your journey.  Remember that I’ll be there when you need me – I always am.  And remember when a girl compliments you on your amazing green eyes… say thank-you.  Who knows, she just might be your date to the prom!

Elisabeth, my tall and lovely young lady, you have passed from the lowly status of “Sevvie” into the glamorous and powerful world of 8th grade.  Remember where you came from.  Remember sitting at the outcast table in 7th grade and look for opportunities to include others.  Don’t let the new kid sit alone all by herself.  Your school was purposely chosen for you by our family and last year gave us complete validation that we made a wise choice.  You have an amazing group of teachers this year.  Trust them and let them guide you on a wonderful journey.  They all love learning and teaching and can’t wait to share with you all the adventures they have planned.  When things start to trip you up and seem to get too difficult, remember we’ve all been there too and we’re here to help.   I know middle-schoolers don’t need their parents much – but know that I’ll be there to drive on field trips, bring snacks, help provide supplies… and chaperone the dances.  After all, I’m still your Mom.

Laura Taylor is the 2010 California Delegate to Mom Congress, a 2010 Points of Light Foundation “Serve it Forward” Scholarship recipient, a former PTA President, past member of the San Juan Unified School District’s Strategic Planning Team, past Chair of the Citrus Heights Planning Commission, a small business owner and, most of all, a Mom.