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How Do Teachers Spend Their Summer?

Grace Seidita

Does your child’s teacher have big plans for the “long” summer vacation? Will he or she be traveling the globe? Writing her memoirs? Lounging by the pool? Reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy? Maybe…

More likely than not though, your child’s teacher will be participating in one of the following:

  1. Professional development. This includes workshops, online trainings, college courses, teacher resource books, participating in book studies or learning communities and more! These time consuming, yet necessary and often rewarding experiences are what keep teachers on top of their game! I will be heading out of state for training at Columbia University. I will also be participating in Common Core training for both math and language arts. But that is not all! I have a stack of professional reads and will be working with my team on tackling our new state standards!
  2.  Employment. Studies show that a large percentage of teachers (between 45-60%) work part time jobs both during the school year and especially over the summer. These jobs range from retail jobs to tutoring and babysitting to teaching summer college courses. I will once again join the ranks of these educators by presenting a couple of workshops for compensation. While not enough money to fund my dream vacation to New Zealand, it is nice to be paid to share ideas that work in my classroom. This is also a two way street as I learn from the other teachers, too. Yeah for reciprocity!
  3. Preparation. Teachers start planning (on some level) for back to school as soon as the school doors close for summer! Whether it be lesson planning, room arrangement, classroom organization, or leveling books-the prep never ends! We walk the aisles of stores to purchase items for our family, but cannot help picking up cleaning wipes or crayons if they happen to be on sale. The teacher mindset simply does not take a summer vacation! 
  4. Relaxation. Hopefully, teachers all over the United States will take some time for themselves. They will find their own happy place and just relax. They will leave the children (though they are always in our hearts,) parents, classroom, books, professional development, part time jobs, body aches and pains, etc behind and spend time with family or friends. They will rejuvenate!

This mommy and teacher will be doing all four, but focusing mainly on the relaxation. I love being a teacher. I love helping children become confident readers and writers, problem solvers, and mathematicians. I also really love being a mommy. I love snuggles and story time, getting splashed at the pool, and sleeping late! My summers are devoted to spending time with family and becoming an overall better me. I think that makes me be an even better educator!

Just for fun, ask your child what they think their teacher will be doing this summer!

Lyssa Sahadevan is mommy to an adorable preschooler. She is a first-grade teacher in Georgia, wife to a terrific hubby, an education advocate, and Georgia’s 2011 Mom Congress Delegate. She loves all things books and tells all about it at My Mommy Reads.