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Who's teaching our teachers how to teach?


It’s a tongue twister to say, but thinking about it is even more mind-boggling.  According to a recent Associated Press article, universities may not be preparing new teachers for the reality of being in today’s classroom.  Yes, programs are teaching them how to devise lesson plans, but the more practical aspects of teaching aren’t always addressed. 

With young, fresh, energetic teachers, students may still be able to learn new material, but not in the most efficient way. Hemant Mehta, a new teacher in Naperville, IL, told the AP he could have been more prepared in motivating kids to do homework, interacting with parents, using new classroom technology, understanding a teacher contract, and judging if/when/how to use social media.

If colleges aren’t preparing teachers with these skills, who’s telling them how to use a SMART Board, or if being Facebook friends with a student is okay? Mehta says he turned to Twitter, blogs, other teachers, and even TV shows to help answer these questions (just a tad disheartening). 

Some say the problem lies in the lack of a set standard for teacher training, with current teacher requirements varying from state to state. So what do you think? Would we benefit from a more universal standard of teacher training that takes into account practical skills and technology? Have you found your child’s teachers to be qualified in those two areas?