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Meet the 2012 Mom Congress Kansas Delegate

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Juanita Blackmon is the 2012 Mom Congress Delegate for Kansas. She has spent her adult life championing causes for families, children and the community. Juanita strongly believes in equality and justice and passionately pursues equal justice under the law. She has volunteered over 30,000 hours.

What book is currently on your nightstand? Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools by Glenn E. Singleton and Journey to Justice by Johnnie Cochran.

One thing that is going great in education in your state: Multi-tiered support systems, culturally revelant teaching, increased resources from businesses and the community.

One thing you wish could be improved in education in your state: The zero tolerance policy and the manner in which students of color are suspended and expelled. Funding Acquisition.

Your favorite teacher (and why): Mr. Charles Jenkins was my introduction into West High School. He takes a genuine interest in his students. He made you feel worthy and welcome. He was available if you needed to come in from recess or after school. He taught us about history, our culture and our strives for future gains.

Your hero: Harriet Tubman.

Favorite Quote: "Embracing a shared vision 'soothes the soul.'" 

Favorite subject in school (and why): Language arts—the essentials of learning begins with reading and writing.

Biggest wish for your kids: That they are empowered to learn all they can and motivated to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

Most rewarding/challenging stage of parenthood thus far (and why): Transitioning from toddler, Pre-K and kindergarten. Daily modeling of responsible behavior. Poistive talk and feedback. Praise and communication often. Keeping prayer.

Favorite family tradition: Eating meals with family. Get togethers. Working out together at the YMCA.

Favorite family activities: Swimming and family walks.