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Meet the 2012 Mom Congress Michigan Delegate

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Jeanette Tanafranca is the 2012 Mom Congress Delegate for Michigan. She is a registered nurse for Henry Ford Health System. She develops patient safety initiatives, teaches CPR classes, and is working on her 2nd Master’s Degrees in Instructional Design/Interactive Technologies. Jeanette is active in her community. She is the PTO President and is the newsletter editor for Philippine Nurse’s Association of Michigan and Filipino American Community Council of Michigan. In her spare time, she enjoys kickboxing, bikram yoga, and hula dancing. Her greatest accomplishments are her 3 children that provide her with joy, laughter, and chaotic fun—24/7.

What book is currently on your nightstand? Right now I’m taking a class called “Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5” and putting the finishing touches on our “PTO Handbook”.

One thing that is going great in education in your state: The Michigan Department of Education has created a parent engagement toolkit called “Collaborating for Success”. It’s a very useful resource for parents and schools to create and enhance their engagement programs.

One thing you wish could be improved in education in your state: Access to technology for students and support for teachers.

Secret indulgence: My secret indulgence is reading and journaling. The challenge is finding the time!

Your hero: I’m inspired by all my Mom friends from around the world that are making a difference. My friends who are working Moms, stay-at-home Moms, single Moms, business owner Moms, Nurse Moms, etc. They are committed to their children and dedicated to nurturing the next generation. They exude enthusiasm, energy and motivate others. It’s amazing what they can accomplish in a 24-hour day. They are my everyday heroes.

Favorite quote: “Smile Often, Think Freely.” This phrase is part of a poem by Jan Michelsen.

Biggest wish for your kids: My hope is that my children will grow up to be happy, healthy, successful and creative adults. I strive to be a positive role model so they learn to make the right choices, to critically think, and to be caring and empathetic to others.

Most rewarding/challenging stage of parenthood thus far (and why): Most rewarding stage of parenthood. Wow—there’s many. Most rewarding has been watching my children have that “aha” moment—it can be anything from learning letters to manners to potty training! Just watching their eyes light up, their wheels turning in their heads, and knowing that they’ve “GOT IT” have been great. The MOST rewarding moments are when they teach that “aha” moment to others. Watching them grow up and become their own person is a tremendous blessing in itself. 
Most challenging stage has been stepping back and letting them experience and learn life lessons on their own. Each interaction can be a learning opportunity for them. Providing guidance, support and encouragement is what I learned from my parents and I’m striving to do the same.

Favorite family tradition: One of our favorite family traditions is family story time. The kids take turns making up their own characters and creating their own stories. Our next step is to write them down and create their very own storybooks.

Favorite weeknight family dinner: Our favorite weeknight family dinner consists of tacos and ice cream. Everyone has a clean plate after this meal.