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1 Book for 300 Kids Is Not Okay

Librarian Avenger

Did you know that children in low-income neighborhoods don't have any books? The studies tell us the ratio of books to children is 1:300. That's one book for 300 kids.

In middle-income neighborhoods, it's 13:1. In other words, 13 books for one child.

This is unacceptable. If we are to improve reading skills for all children no matter their socio-economic situation, we must do better. We must get books into homes without books. 

The Heart of America Foundation® and Capital One agree. They've invite you to donate a book with a simple click of your mouse.

Easy Action Steps:

1. Go to Capital One's Book by Book Facebook page.
2. LIKE the Investing for Good page until November 15.
3. Capital One will donate a book to children in need. 
4. Spread the word to your friends.

* Extra fun: Vote for your favorite titles

We can do something about the book gap (unlike others issues we can't always affect). One classroom teacher who participated in the 1,000 Books Project found that closing the book gap helped them academically as well as grew them into book lovers.