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10 Ways to Get Kids Reading Over the Summer

Melissa Taylor

Motivate your reluctant readers without forcing them to read this summer. Try one or all of these ideas. 

  1. Choice is essential. Let your child choose what she reads, even if it's magazines. 
  2. Time to read. Do you have a chunk of time in you day to read? 
  3. Read aloud to your child, even older kids. Read at a meal or bedtime. 
  4. "Read" audiobooks. They count as reading for a variety of reasons. Try Playaways or Tales2Go .
  5. Read comic books. They count, too.
  6. Read with a headlamp and stay up late. Breaking the rules is fun!
  7. Get help. Ask a librarian or bookstore employee for suggestions.
  8. Start a parent-child book club. Let your child pick the book. Socialization can be very motivating.
  9. Get him a library card to use voraciously. (Hint: don't limit the amount of books!)
  10. Use bookstore money as a reward. 
How will you get your kids to read this summer?