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51 Delegates Selected for Mom Congress 2012

JD Hancock









Every year, Parenting magazine select 51 delegates out of hundreds of applicants from around the country to attend The Mom Congress on Education and Learning. Mom Congress celebrates parents who work to improve schools in the U.S. The 51 delegates (50 states + D.C.) are choosen because they successfully improve schools in their communities and are passionate leaders for positive educational change.


These delegates inspire us.


We think they'll inspire you, too.


Drum roll, please . . .  Introducing the amazing 2012 Mom Congress delegates!


2012 Mom Congress Delegates: Alabama to Kentucky

2012 Mom Congress Delegates: Louisiana to North Dakota     

2012 Mom Congress Delegates: Ohio to Wyoming 


Congratulations, delegates. Thank you for all you do to improve your school communities.


And, thank you, Parenting readers, for joining Mom Congress on Facebook and reading Class Notes, the Mom Congress blog.


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