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A Brave New World?

Melissa Taylor

Remember when we thought we'd be living in the Jetson's world in the future? But, when I read about the Gates Foundation's Galvanic Skin Response monitors, it seemed more like a Brave New World than the Jetsons.

The Galvanic Skin Response monitors (GSR) measure a student's focus on instruction. The monitors assess the body's electrical activity which apparently corresponds to mood and arousal.

And we need this because . . . ?

A. To assess student engagement. That's what the Gates-funded study at Clemson University wants to determine. 

B. To determine the variations of engagement. The National Center on Time and Learning will use the Gates money to study this.

C. We don't need this. (You can look at a student and see if they're interested or ask them. Tips: Sleeping = not interested. Doing a crossword puzzle = not interested. Smiling and raising hands = interested.)

D. Comrades must be monitored. Buy one here for only $44.95  for all your fellow workers. Especially teachers.

E. None of the above. 

Which answer to you pick? Comment here.