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Educating Bebe - The French Prez Says No Homework


Bringing Up Bebe showed us how the French parent. Now, we’re glimpsing how they educate. Last week, newly elected French President, Francois Hollande, recommended that schools stop giving students homework. 

His reasons might surprise you.

It’s not because he doen’t like homework or doesn’t believe in it’s educational value. Hollande said that it's not fair if some kids get help with their homework, while others don't. He believes it's inequitable. “An education programme is, by definition, a societal programme. Work should be done at school, rather than at home.”


Hollande also wants French kids to go to school another half day, totaling 4 1/2 days per week instead of the current 4 days a week, 8:30 - 4:30 (or later) schedule. According to the other countries in the wealthy nation's OECD, that totals to more hours in school than most of the other countries. (847/hours per week vs. 774/hours per week.)


It will be interesting to watch France’s reaction, don't you think? I wonder if they'll go for it.


You know how I feel about homework – I am not a fan, as I wrote here and here

What do you think?

Would you like our president to ban homework?

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