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Kicking It Hip Hop Style


Gone are the days of rainbow colored VW buses and good old School House Rock.

Today's kids are kicking it to hip-hop beats about Macbeth, the planets, weekly news, and the Civil War. Time to get jiggy with Flocabularyhip-hop lessons set to music.

It's surprisingly awesome. Plus there's a lot more subjects than School House Rock: language arts, science, vocabulary, social studies, math, and the coolest, "the week in rap."

Check out some of my favorites and see for yourself.

On Cloud 9

Five Things (5 elements of a story)

Let Freedom Ring - MLK Rap Song


The Week in Rap - July 13

The Scarlet Letter

Many videos are free; the rest are subscription based. I think it's worth the money- because music helps kids (and us) learn. Think about all the song lyrics you know by heart -- decades later playing in your local supermarket, that get stuck in your head, and drive you crazy----aaaaaah! Channel your musical talents for good. No more Who Let the Dogs Out; start singing something from Flocabulary's You Tube channel or on Flocabulary's website. You'll be singing and getting smarter.

Come on, you know you want to rap about the American Revolution! Right?