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Mobile Phone App Connects Schools and Parents

Johan Larsson

"I live in the poorest county in the country,"  says teacher-entrepreneur Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar of her 98% Hispanic, 90% low socio-economic area. "But, we're becoming more and more successful and sending record number of students to college,"

This change is due to educating families about how to academically support their children. "In all my talks with families, they all tell me that they come across for opportunity in education-- but, they don't know how to help their children in school," she explains.

"My big conviction was we're getting to the parents we don't even need to get to -- those kids and parents get everything, what about the rest?"

This determined Mom Congress delegate sought to bridge the communication and education barrier. She knew that most of her community did not own a computer with Internet access but they did own a cell phone. (A September 2012 report from Pew Internet found that 88% of American adults have a cell phone, 61% have a laptop, and 58% have a desktop computer.)  

Her solution was to create mobile app called eJucomm which would communicate with parents. "I learned to do it on You Tube," laughs Gonzalez-Alcantar, a secondary art teacher.

This morning, Gonzalez-Alcantar wrote me an email update, "Recently we created a bully button for students to quickly and anonymously report bullying with the click of one button! The report goes directly to the counselor and sergeant on campus. The unveiling of this button came at such raw time in my life because I lost a former student to bullying! I had him for three straight years in my art class and he was the loveliest child with the kindest heart and mother. She would make me tamales and tacos and he would create wonderfully symbolic art. It was tragic and the bully button will soon be renamed to honor him."

The app available for any school. For more information, visit eJucomm.  

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