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Parents of Preschoolers – Read This

Brian Auer

If you have a child going into Kindergarten next fall, not only are you’re busy picking out a school, you're probably wondering if he or she is ready.

I've been there. When my oldest daughter was four, she was mostly ready to go but . . . as it turns out, I hadn't taught her left from right or to tie her shoe!

How the heck are you supposed to know these things? 

A great little book called Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten! by Stacey Kannenberg, 2010 Mom Congress delegate and parent, helped me figure out what my preschooler still needed to learn. I highly recommend it.

Here's a quick checklist of some of the concepts in the book.


Ready for Kindergarten Basic Checklist

?         Counts to 10. Recognize numbers 1 to 5.

?         Understands what more and less means.

?         Knows colors and simple shapes (triangle, square).

?         Knows letters in her name. 

?         Knows the right side up of a book, to turn pages front to back. 

?         Uses scissors, crayons, and glue.

?         Follows 2-step directions. 

?         Goes to the bathroom by himself. 

?         Understands alike and different.

?         Cooperates with others and mangages own behavior 


If you're still deciding about whether or not to send your child at all, read the pros and cons of red-shirting

Otherwise, don't panic. Get the information and help your child be ready mentally, physically, and emotionally. You still have plenty of time until school begins next year.

Comment here with questions or to add to the list.