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Should Schools Abolish Homework?

Melissa Taylor

Gaithersburg Elementary does't give kids homework

My kids would love that school.

So would I.

At Gaithersburg Elementary, students get to read for their homework. And they're reading lots of books, visiting the school library frequently --more than the once a week schedule of most schools.Test scores, if you care, are holding steady. 

The research on homework is not conclusive. You can find research both for and against.

There is, however, unquestionable research showing that kids need down-time, unstructured play, outside time, and physical activity --which doesn't happen with a big homework load.

Plus, if we are to raise children who are good readers, they need time and opportunity to practice reading books that they can get when they don't have lots of homework.

The no-homework movement is catching on little by little. 

Listen as students, parents, and teachers from Ridgewood High School and Payton College Prep share why they adopted a no homework vacation policy, inspired by the movie, "Race to Nowhere ." 

Other schools like the rigorous Clayton High School in St. Louis don't give homework on the weekends.

The New York Times calls this a "homework revolt."

I'm happy to join this revolution. Sign me up.

What about you? Are you for or against homework? Comment here.