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Success in Life Will Come from Math, Not Sports


53 percent of parents said being good at math is more important than being good at sports for future success. 

This data comes from Raytheon's recently released “Parent Survey about Math Learning and Future Success”. 
William H. Swanson, Chairman and CEO of Raytheon Company explains the company's interest, "The United States faces a national STEM crisis that affects our country’s economic prosperity and national security. We believe capturing the interest of students in their formative years is key to engaging them in a lifetime of STEM learning and career pursuits — and parental involvement is vital to shaping their children’s attitudes.” 

Despite the data showing that other countries beat us in math, 72% of parents say that their kids love math and are on the right track with mathematics. 

“These survey findings are very encouraging. They show that parents have a clear vision about the importance of math in their children’s future opportunities,” said Pamela Erickson, Raytheon’s vice president of Community Relations. “With job growth in science, technology, engineering and math outpacing non-STEM-related jobs, Raytheon remains committed to helping parents and teachers guide their students toward the exciting and challenging opportunities awaiting them in STEM-related careers.”

Since 2005, Raytheon has invested $72 million on education through their STEM program MathMovesU. Find MathMovesU on Facebook and on Twitter

Do you think your kids are on the right track in math?

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