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10 Names NOT Picked for the Mom Congress Blog

Tasha Christensen

Hi. [waving] 

Welcome to Class Notes, the new, expanded Mom Congress blog.

Before I introduce myself, can I just tell you that Parenting passed up some fantabulous names in favor of Class Notes? (Kind of hard to believe I know!) 

Seriously! Several of my friends @notimeforflashcards@angelasclues@writemindopenheart and I thought we'd really found real winners.  

Top 10 Names That Seemed Really Darn Good But Didn't Make the Cut

1. iMomgress

2. See-Saws, Scabs, and School

3. Advocacy Makes You Look 10 Pounds Lighter

4. Tales from an Interactive Whiteboard

5. No Standardized Test Left Behind

6. Reading, Writing, R-Advocating

7. Cognitive Development for Dummies

8. School. Give a Ship.

9. Schoolbus Blues

10. My Student Can Beat Up Your Student

Hard to pick which one of these is the best, they're all so good!

So, here's the deal. I'm going to make your life easier by giving you exactly what you need to know about learning and education. Instead of asking people on Facebook, or Twitter, or the pool, you can just hang out here.

Sound good?

Oh, and if you want to know more about me, 5 words -- coffee, jeans, Mac, books, and always a backpack. You can find me blogging at Imagination Soup or freelance writing about education topics. Not only am I a mom of two kids, I'm also an opinionated educator, passionate about high-quality education for all children, increasing literacy, and anything to do with children's books. 

What do you think? You ready for this ride?

Don't forget to tell me what your favorite blog name could have been...

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