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Undroppable: Overcoming Adversity to Graduate from High School


America, we’ve got a drop out problem.

1.3 million students drop out each year in the U.S. (That's 1 in 4 high school students!)

So what will get kids to stay in school? To be “Undroppable?” A new project thinks they know.


The hope of a new social media campaign and feature length documentary called UNDROPPABLE is that real stories from kids will inspire other kids. So, the UNDROPPABLE team is following kids who overcome huge challenges in order to graduate and capturing their stories.


Not only that, Jason Pollock, the creator of Undroppable, wants to give something positive to the education discussion. He writes, “If we truly want to fix our world economy, we need to fix education first. Our schools are UNDROPPABLE, our students are UNDROPPABLE, and education is an issue that is UNDROPPABLE.”


Follow along with the kids’ stories on Tumblr and YouTube. You'll see videos like this story of Jauresse Gains, from Chicago, IL from a violent neighborhood. He’s UNDROPPABLE.




A knock on the door changed everything. Beverly Flores parents were deported by immigration. But she still is UNDROPPABLE.


Watch for the finished UNDROPPABLE movie mid- 2013.


Oh, and tell your kids that Justin Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, are supporting UNDROPPABLE, too. How cool is that? (Read a tweet from Bieber. Read a tweet from Braun.)


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