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What Do You Think About $669 Million Spent on Testing?


If you had to guess how much money states spend on testing, what would it be? (Without looking at the title of this article.)


For grades third through ninth, 45 states spend a combined total of $669 million per year according to a Brookings Institute report by Matthew Chingos


If you’ve heard of Common Core State Standards, you’ll know that the assessments will need to be modified to match these standards – which will cost more money. It’s hard to say just how much more. Let’s round up to a billion.


You may know my opinion on testing already but in case you don’t, let me share it.


  1. Testing in every state, in every grade level, is not valuable educationally – nor will it improve learning outcomes like better teacher training would, more staff development, and smaller class sizes.  
  2. Further, if I could spend that money, I’d use it differently – see above and add in books, and building improvements.


Now, answer me this . . .


Do you think

  1. Testing in every state in every grade is even a good idea in the first place?
  2. If so, what amount of money would you spend on it?

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