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No Spell Check Means You Better Learn to Spell









These hilarious misspelled signs made me think -- how do you teach a kid to spell anyway?

So, listen up kids, here are six spelling strategies that work for your dreaded spelling words. Because if you don't learn to spell, you might do something like this . . . 


Beware -- you're about to enter a trance.


Do not tick off a city employee. They can really mess things up!

So what are the best strategies for your kids to learn those weekly spelling words? Here are six spelling strategies that work.

Good Strategies to Learn Spelling Words

  1. Invented spelling. Beginning writers should be encouraged to guess the spelling, in other words, try to figure out the letters that match the sounds. This is called invented spelling. It keeps young writers writing instead of worrying about spelling.
  2. Visualization. Have your child imagine a white board in their head with the letters of the word written on it in red. (Red is an imprinting color.)
  3. Move and spell. Add movement to learning to spell. Have your children bounce on an exercise ball or jump rope while they learn their words.
  4. Notice patterns. Sort words by spelling patterns – all the –at words in one pile, for example.
  5. Look – Cover – Write. Look at the word and remember it in your head. Cover the word and try to write it correctly.
  6. Make it fun and tactile! Try using scrabble tiles to spell your words or letter magnets.

Are you a good or bad speller? 

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