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Young Writer With Cancer Gets Wish (& I Dare You Not to Cry)

Make-a-Wish Foundation

Can you imagine your wildest dream coming true? 15-year old Stephanie Trimberger, a young Seattle writer with brain cancer, just found out.

Always a fan of YA and books to escape the difficult realities of her life, Trimberger wanted to write her own book that might help other kids like her. Not just write it but get it edited by the same editors as Harry Potter and published.

And it happened! This big, huge, enormous wish was granted by Make-a-Wish Foundation and Scholastic in September, 2012. 

The Scholastic team of U.S. editors, Arthur A. Levine and Cheryl Klein, edited it, created a cover, and published 300 copies of Trimberger's first fantasy book, The Ruby Heart

To celebrate the publication, a Seattle Barnes and Noble hosted a reading and book signing. It's Trimberger's first glimpse of the finished book.

Watch Trimberger's story in this short BING video.

Levine says, “. . . the result is not only something she can be proud of, but something that should inspire all of us who live and work to create books that make a difference in young people’s lives.”