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Mom Congress Education News Roundup

$3.4 Billion Is Left in Race to Top Aid (Education Week, 4/2/10)

By selecting just two states as first-round Race to the Top winners, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is leaving $3.4 billion on the table for the remaining states to vie for in round two.

Escalante's aside, few movies about teachers earn an 'A' (USA Today, 4/1/10)Since 1988, few movies have gotten teachers' stories right, observers say. Most feature what University of North Carolina researcher James Trier calls "standard teacher-savior clichés" in which a white teacher cleans up a dysfunctional urban school.

Delaware, Tennessee 'win' educational grants (USA Today, 3/29/10)

In a move that could push educators nationwide to try new — and sometimes untested — school reforms, Delaware and Tennessee won a cash windfall Monday from the Obama administration by dumping limits on charter schools, tying teacher evaluations to student test scores and taking drastic measures to turn around persistently struggling schools.

A TV Show and Congress Tackle School Lunches (New York Times, 3/30/10)

IT’S been an unusually tough month for the people who make school lunches. More than seven million viewers watched the premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” an ABC reality series in which the British chef storms the kitchens of Huntington, W.Va., to improve the town’s collective diet. Students in Chicago showed up at a Board of Education meeting to protest the quality of their midday meals. And members of the national news media discovered the “Fed Up with Lunch” blog, written by an anonymous school employee in the Midwest who is spending a year eating and publishing photos of awful-looking food at her school cafeteria.

What Can Be Done to Stop Bullying? (NYT's The Learning Network blog, 4/1/10)

Nine students are being prosecuted for bullying a fellow student, Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after being taunted and threatened. What, if anything, could and should the school have tried to protect Ms. Prince? What can and should teachers and administrators do at any school where students are bullying other kids?