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Mom Congress Education News Roundup

Stagnant National Reading Scores Lag Behind Math (New York Times, 3/24/10) The nation’s schoolchildren have made little or no progress in reading proficiency in recent years, according to results released Wednesday from the largest nationwide reading test. The scores continue a 17-year trend of sluggish achievement in reading that contrasts with substantial gains in mathematics during roughly the same period.

Sweeping school lunch bill clears Senate panel (USA Today, 3/25/10) 

Senators cleared the path Wednesday for a final vote on legislation to bolster the safety and nutritional value of school lunches, including provisions to improve training for cafeteria workers and to alert schools more quickly about recalls of contaminated food.

Reading scores nationwide stalled under ‘No Child’ law (Washington Post, 3/25/10)  The nation’s students are mired at a basic level of reading in fourth and eighth grades, their achievement in recent years largely stagnant, according to a federal report yesterday that suggests a dwindling academic payoff from the landmark No Child Left Behind law.

Education Reform and Leaving No Child Left Behind, Behind (The Juggle, 3/25/10)

Standardized tests have become increasingly important as a yardstick of schools’ performance, and watching kids take them isn’t pretty. Factors ranging from kids’ mood or physical state on testing day, to attitudes toward the teacher or even the weather, can affect how well students do on such tests.