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Mom Congress Education News Roundup

Pepsi To Restrict Caloric Drinks In Schools Worldwide (NPR, 3/18/10)

Derek Yach, senior vice president of global health policy for PepsiCo., says the company would withdraw "full-calorie beverages" from all schools. Schools for younger kids would get only bottled water, juices in certain portion sizes, and low-fat or skim milk.

A principal critiques Obama’s education plan (The Washington Post, 3/18/10)

George Wood, principal of Federal Hocking High School in Stewart, Ohio, and executive director of the non-profit Forum for Education and Democracy: "The administration’s blueprint does not [...] go far enough. In fact, by making more Title 1 funds based on competition, rather than going to support the schools with the highest numbers of low-income students, the administration’s plan may increase rather than decrease the inequity about which they are concerned."

Lawmakers Say Needs of Rural Schools Are Overlooked (New York Times, 3/17/10)

Lawmakers who represent rural areas told Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a hearing Wednesday that the No Child Left Behind law, as well as the Obama administration’s blueprint for overhauling it, failed to take sufficiently into account the problems of rural schools, and their nine million students.

Must schools change how writing teachers are taught? (USA Today, 3/18/10)

"I was incredibly well trained to teach college writing, but only one course at a time. How do you teach five classes when you've only been trained to teach one?" That was the question of a community college writing instructor who has taught herself how to manage the workload she now has. Her experience reflects the sense shared by many composition experts that it's time for a new approach to teaching those who will teach writing at community colleges.