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Super-Cheap Computers for Schools

How cool is this? A group called PC Rebuilders and Recyclers (PCRR) is recycling computers for use in schools in the USA and around the world. Local Chicagoans drop off their old machines and PCRR turns them into totally usable systems. (And don’t worry, would-be-donators – if they can’t erase your hard drive, they’ll destroy it.) PCRR owner, Willie Cade, says they take in 20,000 computers a year and turn out 5,000 usable machines to schools, not-for-profits, and at-risk children. Chicago public-school kids in need can buy a computer starting at $165; non-locals can apply for a computer as well. And they all come with a 3-year hardware warranty, plus an 800 help number. Love it!