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Help Save Funding for Reading is Fundamental

Reading is Fundamental

With many federal school programs and activities for children losing their funding, it seems un-fitting to propose an amendment this year that would do just that. Today, voters will determine whether or not amendment 4697, proposed by Senator Tom Coburn, will succeed.  The amendment will ban all congressionally directed spending (earmarks) for the next three years.

The amendment is an effort to save money within the federal budget, though only half of a percent would actually be preserved and the loss of resources for children well exceeds the money saved. Hundreds of literacy and education programs will be cut. Millions of children would be void of programs that are backed by strong, positive results. Such programs include Reading is Fundamental (RIF), Teaching for American, Project GRAD and Reach Out and Read.

To oppose this amendment, please visit RIF's website and fill out the form to show where you stand.