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Should the Bible Determine Teacher Pay?

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How should teacher pay be determined?


Shadrack McGill, an Alabama State Senator, believes Biblical principals should determine teacher pay.


I must have missed the salary section of the New Testament.


McGill says teachers “are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they would teach.”


Was there a vow of poverty section in Psalms?






Give me a break.


Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, is against current system of teacher pay based on years of experience and education levels. Instead he believes pay should be based on performance.


But, that’s the dumbest idea I’ve heard of if this so called performance pay is based on test scores and principal evaluations. 


But, test scores? Scores that reflect a child’s socio-economic status? NOT a good evaluation method. And, frankly, excellent principals who understand instruction are few and far between. Don't get me started on that topic. Maybe another day. . . 


Recently I read that in some schools, teachers set the salaries themselves. Hmmm, sounds kind of interesting, doesn't it?


Then there’s merit pay. Personally, I loved merit pay in Douglas County, Colorado. It was a nice reward for all my hard work – several thousand dollars. My portfolio took around 30 hours to prepare but it was worth it. Of course, the big question in merit pay is did it make me a better teacher? I think so. I had clear guidelines like differentiating instruction and on-going assessment. But merit pay varies widely in guidelines, implementation, and goals. 


Here’s my big problem with the whole teacher pay debate --WHY? Is this an issue because we want to attract stellar teachers and get rid of the lemons? Okay, fine. OR, is it just another irrelevant issue that won’t improve a darn thing for children in our public schools?


Plus, isn’t the postal system is in worse shape than education? How come I can't propose salary guidelines for postal employee? Like friendliness. Just for starters.


I’m just saying.


What do you say?

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