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New Legislation: Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act

Remember what your school lunches looked like? I do. Images of soggy French bread pizza, sides of canned corn, and too-chewy peanut butter bars are forever etched in my memory. Pizza Fridays were more loathed than loved at my elementary school. Oh, and no one ate the corn. Ever.

Tales of woe like mine are common, even in schools today. If you watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you know that. Even if you didn’t, you know that. But this could all change. Big news came yesterday as U.S. Representative George Miller introduced the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act. The legislation will improve children’s access to nutritious meals, improve the quality of meals offered at school and other programs, enhance funding for nutrition education, implement food safety guidelines for schools, and for the first time ever, establish nutrition standards for all foods sold in school. About time, huh?

A great post on the Committee on Education and Labor’s website breaks down just what the legislation will address.

Tell us about your school lunches growing up and how they compare to what’s offered at your kid’s school today. Do you think a major overhaul like this necessary? Do you think the bill addresses enough?