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The Stress of School Supply Shopping


As a kid, picking out shiny new supplies on a back-to-school shopping trip was always a treat to me (I still get excited over a fresh blank notebook). But for parents? It's a bit of a different experience. Parenting Post blogger Daring Young Mom wrote about her ire at combing multiple stores for a particular brand or style of an item:

"I think that every year each teacher should be forced to go to a single store and try and find everything on her list. If she can’t, then she needs to make a new list and tell everyone which store carries all the stuff because honestly if I have to search with one more store employee for a 9"x5" lidless plastic storage basket or a specific brand of eraser that no one carries, so help me I will set something on fire. With my eyes."

And aside from tracking down the correct items, there's also an issue of what's on the list along with basic No. 2 pencils and looseleaf paper — things like cleaning products, paper towels and printer paper, as reported in The New York Times. Now that school budgets have buckled down, it's falling on the parents (and teachers) to fill the cracks. Moms, is shopping for school supplies a stressful experience? Are you finding that you need to buy more supplies for the actual school rather than just your kid?