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2010 Mom Congress Delegates: Why YOU need to Join us this April at Georgetown

Jennifer Mahran

If hearing from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, working with Parenting magazine editors, meeting dozens of other amazing moms who are passionate about their kids’ education from around the country, and winning a FREE trip to Washington, DC (Hello! Mom-only-vacay!) aren’t enough reasons for you to submit your essay to by January 31st, let some members of the original class of Mom Congress delegates tell you exactly what’s in it for you:


“Being part of the first Mom's Congress has been phenomenal!  It has validated what I believe in as a mom and an educator and has empowered me to keep fighting for what is important!”

 ~Chanda Kropp, MN


“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Mom Congress. Since my children began attending the Northfield Community School three years ago, I have done as much as possible to be involved and informed. Mom Congress put me in touch with so many other moms just like me! We all stand firm in the belief that no school will ever be the best it can be without sharing the responsibility of educating children with parents, families and care-givers. Meeting the other moms, Secretary Arne Duncan, and so many other influential individuals in education opened my eyes to all the possibilities of what can be accomplished when one parent decides to make a difference. Mom Congress is truly an inspirational group of women - dedicated to increasing the role of parents in their children’s education.”

 ~ Karyn White, NJ


 “Spring 2010, I was honored and excited to be chosen to represent the state of North Dakota at the first ever Mom Congress sponsored by Parenting Magazine, Georgetown University, KinderCare and Leap Frog/Tag Reading Systems. Although unsure what to expect, from the moment I entered the welcome reception, I realized I was about to be a part of something very special! Our first day was spent listening to and speaking with some of our country’s leading education experts as well as taking part in a Town Hall Meeting with Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. Filled with new facts on education as well as confirming some already known information, we group of moms had the opportunity to really put our minds together to develop a “Lesson Plan for Change.” When working to advocate for your school and for the education of your children, one can often feel alone. What I found so inspiring about Mom Congress was the opportunity to be in a room with other moms who are champions for their schools! I am proud of the “Lesson Plan for Change” we developed and very proud to be a part of Mom Congress 2010!!”

 ~Cheryl Lausch, ND


“Being a part of Mom Congress has allowed me to build bridges with professionals, parents, educators and administrators. These connections have allowed us to work together to change the direction of our national education system in a positive direction. The passion and vigor that the elected women have for making a difference in education is inspiring. I have the greatest appreciation for Parenting Magazine and Georgetown University for allowing me to be a part of such a powerful group of women. I believe in this group's ability to effect change.”

 ~ Melissa Bilash, PA


Inspired yet? Good!  Whip up that 300-word essay and photo and email it to by January 31st – you only have a few days left!  Tell us why you deserve to represent your state at the Mom Congress event this April. 

Melissa, Chanda, Cheryl and Karyn look forward to seeing you there!