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I Will Always Be There!

Dear Terran, T.J., and Trinity,

          I can remember the days of getting ready to go back to school.   The new school supplies, the new shoes, clothing, and the new book bag that I would get with my favorite character on it (Strawberry Shortcake Rocks).  I would be so excited and anxious to go back to school I wouldn’t sleep hardly any the night before.  I would be excited to see my new teacher and meet my friends again on the playground and talk about our summer activities.  I don’t think that much has changed with school.  The anticipation, the friendships, and the educators are still there.  Education is a house that we all contribute to.  I have laid the foundation by teaching you your ABC’s and your 123’s and I send you off to school each year for an educator to add to the frame. 

          From the day that you were born, I have been your advocate.  Through infancy, toddlerhood, disability, and now your school years, I will continue to speak on your behalf.  Education is a time investment that will never go away.  Though these years seem to be flying by with you in the 7th, the 2nd grade, and Kindergarten, before you know, you will be moving on to your next chapter in education.  I look around and read article upon article about other people making decisions about your education and it my duty as your mom to stand up and speak for you because right now your voice will not be heard.  It is an honor to be your voice.  I will continue to stand up for you, to speak for you, to be the driving force to make sure that you get an appropriate education.  Again, I began the process by laying the foundation years ago and I want to make sure the each and every timber is put in place to make sure that your educational house is as sturdy and the foundation that is laid.

          Now the task is for you to go to school and learn.  Sometimes I know you teach others about you and give them insight that they never had, but you are there.  Keep showing up and doing your best day after day after day and week after week.  I am proud of the three of you because in the face of adversity, the three of you show up with a smile on your faces and you produce and give results.    There is no problem big or small that we cannot tackle together.  I know that sometimes it is difficult to navigate and we adults get in your way, but I am proud to say that you keep going.  I am proud to help you set your goals, help you reach for them, and to help you see your potential as well as those around you.  I applaud each of you for hunger for knowledge and I applaud your educators for their willingness to teach you.

        From today and forward, I am your voice.  I am the mom that will never give up and will never give in and will continue to dedicate my time to your success as well as to the success of other children like you.  I will continue to speak on your behalf, volunteer my time at your school, and support your educators in their efforts to teach you and continue with the framing of your education.  I will always be there!  I love you!!!!

Love bunches,


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