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Fun Friday Round-Up: Check Out These Natural Parenting Links!


In honor of summer Fridays and shortened attention spans, I thought I’d go a little ‘lite’ today and share a few links that caught my eye on the natural parenting scene this past Mon- thru-Thurs. Click on, crunchy moms:

Natural Parenting “Carnivals”: I like the term ‘Natural Parenting’ because, although it’s sometimes used interchangeably with ‘Attachment Parenting’ (which has recently received a lot of attention), it feels a bit more flexible than the latter term. Natural Parenting is very much a concept that’s still in the making; while there are certainly common themes across the natural parenting spectrum, each family’s interpretation, exploration and enactment of these themes looks a bit different; while one mom might strive to eliminate her family’s production of waste, another might be more interested in natural birth practices. I am endlessly fascinated by the different approaches people take, and therefore really enjoy reading through the current, and archived, contributions to the bi-monthly “Carnivals” of Natural Parenting, hosted by bloggers Dionna at Code Name: Mama and Lauren at Hobo Mama. For each carnival, bloggers write and share posts on a chosen natural parenting topic, resulting in a huge variety of ideas and perspectives all in one place. Pretty awesome.

Everyone Loves a Makeover: I’ve been enjoying Alicia Silverstone’s blog, The Kind Life, for a while now (her book, The Kind Diet, is also rad); through it, this celeb mama champions eco-friendly, health-friendly, and happiness-friendly lifestyle tips to a broad audience in an accessible, non-preachy way. Icing on the vegan cake: her blog got a makeover this week, and it’s now even more delicious than before; there’s an entire category dedicated to mama-specific content. Headlining right now? Oh, you know, just Alicia’s recent interview with super-cool Parenting magazine. ;-)

Liquid Gold Gone Sudsy: Are you one of those lucky mamas who can fill a freezer with breast milk in seconds flat? Check out what this Etsy seller can do with your over-supply: turn it into soap! I wish I’d had this option back when I was breastfeeding (and battling baby eczema to no avail); all-organic soap made from my milk may have been just the thing to soothe Kaspar’s skin. In any case, this caught my eye as way amazing, and seems like a pretty cool and affordable soap option for sudzing up the littles. And, actually, you don’t need a freezer-full of milk to make it happen; 4-12 ounces will do you, depending on the size of your order.

Even More Breastfeeding Excitement:We’ve been on a bit of a breastfeeding content streak here on 100% Natural Parenting, in pre-celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7. Here’s a bit more breastfeeding party fodder to keep you going strong through the weekend: This article, about a mom’s experience nursing an adopted child, caught my eye, since… who knew you could do that? And this one, about an adoptee mom’s revelatory breastfeeding experience, is beautifully written. 

Close to My Heart: While I didn’t have breast milk soap to help my baby heal from full-body eczema (and the severe food allergies that went along with it), I did find my way – our way – to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it completely changed our lives. (All of Kaspar’s allergy counts -- including his crazy-high nut allergy numbers-- have come down significantly since he started taking TCM herbs, and he can eat a huge range of foods that were formerly unavailable to him. And his skin? Totally clear.) As a result of our experience, I am extra committed to the belief that healthcare should be available to all people, and that alternative healthcare has a big role in this picture. It's definitely gaining recognition here in the States; we're actually meeting with a leading TCM researcher next month at Mt. Sinai, the hospital where Kaspar was born. I feel so lucky and grateful for our access to this stuff, and I’ve shared our experience with many people since, and, in turn, have heard a whole host of other amazing stories about this system of medicine and what it can do. As it happens, a friend of mine, Tara Gregory, has recently finished her training in this field, and is about to go to Nepal for a couple of months via the Acupuncture Relief Project. There, she'll work at a clinic, providing free, safe healthcare to the surrounding community. In Tara’s words, “The clinic provides the only access many people have to health care, and they often have to travel a great distance to get there.” She needs to raise $4,500 in donations by September in order to go do this thing. Every little bit counts. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, please click here and select Volunteer Tara Gregory under “Select Campaign.” Go on now, give ten bucks. (Done? Great! From Tara, from me, and from the mommies and babies in Nepal: Thank you. You rock.)

What are you excited about on the natural parenting front this week? And, on a related note, we’re building up 100% Natural Parenting blog roll—please share your suggestions (and links) for blogs you think we should include!