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“Real Diaper Week” 2012: Help Set a Cloth Diapering World Record!

We’ve all thought it, while changing one blowout diaper after another at three, and four… and five AM: “This must be some kind of record. Do all babies poop this much?” The answer is, well, yes, babies are little pooping machines, and thus parents become diapering experts. (One handed? In the dark? Piece of cake!) This month, too, you and your little record setter can put your combined talents to good use during Real Diaper Week, April 16th through 21st, an international week of advocacy and events intended to demonstrate that cloth diapering is a "real option” for modern families.

From wearing pins to hosting workshops, the Real Diaper Week organizers offer resources and suggestions for parents, professionals (doulas, etc.) and shop owners interested in participating – to any degree -- in the week of advocacy and education. As of right now, too, 262 hosts across 15 different countries have registered to host “The Great Cloth Diaper Change” diapering extravaganzas; last year, a world record was set for the most simultaneous cloth diaper changes ever as 5,026 participants at 127 host locations in 5 countries did their diapering thing. Looks like that record’s about to be broken in a big way, and the big moment is still a couple of weeks away. You can keep an eye on the countdown by scrolling to the bottom of the event’s main website, where you’ll also find a host location in your area, or can sign up to host the event yourself.

Many host locations are green parenting boutiques, like Smart Momma in Raleigh, North Carolina, which also provides free swag bags to its early-birds, as well as special discounts on merchandise and free outdoor baby music class demos throughout the day. Donations are accepted at all participating sites -- Smart Momma requires a very doable $1 donation -- and contributed afterward to the Real Diaper Association, which provides education and support to cloth diapering families across North America. ($5,167 was raised for the organization during last year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change).

I realize this reads more like a press release than a blog post, mamas, but this event caught my eye as a cool, grassroots effort that will suit just about anyone -- whether well-versed or simply curious -- interested in cloth diapering. I wanted to give you the head’s up on it in advance, too, so you can check your calendars and get involved. Maybe even host on of these partays. Who knows! readers, represent and report back, ya hear?

Do you use cloth diapers? Had you heard about Real Diaper Week (or the record-breaking shindigs) before now? Now that you know, are you planning to go? How are you going to celebrate “Real Diaper Week”?

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