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Snooki: Afraid to Nurse, Plans to Pump (Pro-Breastfeeding? I'm Going With Yes)

In order to stay on top of all things Natural Parenting news, I’ve got Google feeds sending keyword-relevant links into my inbox on the daily. It’s a good system, but so far, the feed I set up with the key word “Pregnancy” has been a total flop, at least for this blog’s purposes. Every day, for months, it’s been a 24/7 Snooki pregnancy party. From her baby bump rumors to confirmed-pregnant clubbing escapades, the Jersey Shore star has proven to be a lasting lead news story in the pregnancy department since before she was even showing.

If you’ve ever seen Jersey Shore, you’ll understand the public’s (if not the news media's) fascination: Snooki doesn’t exactly emanate the responsible parent vibe. Yet she’s ponied up, ditched the drinks and determined to be a good mother. I say more power to her, even if she has clogged my pregnancy news feed; unfortunately, her pregnancy and its fanfare haven’t exactly provided me with a bevy of ‘natural’ pregnancy stories. Because if morphing into a responsible parent is at least within reach for this reality TV star, who’s best known for her drunken antics and fake perma-tan (among other features), morphing further into a ‘natural’ parent seems like a pretty unlikely next step. (I don’t exactly see Snooki eating her own placenta -- do you?)

Yet now, my Google feed turned up a Snooki story that’s made the Natural Parenting cut: Girl went breast pump shopping (or browsing, anyway) on national TV! Sure, she also said she’s afraid to actually breast feed because she thinks it will hurt (she plans to rely on the pump instead), and she referenced milking a cow when eying the pumps, but I think this represents a pretty cool shift in the mainstream. Information about breast milk’s benefits for babies has reached even Snooki, who’s made the decision to give pumping a whirl. Here’s hoping that she gives actual breastfeeding a try, too, and discovers that a) any associated pain is short-lived and really not a big deal, particularly after childbirth, and b) pumping is great, but nursing is easier and -- usually -- more fun for everyone, if you're going the breast milk route. She might even become breastfeeding’s next big celebrity advocate. She already counts, in my book— love her or hate her, her audience is young and impressionable, and by making it public that she’s choosing to feed her baby breast milk (even if she is making comments about cows), she’s sharing a message with many future parents that breast milk is where it’s at.

What do you think of Snooki’s comments? Do you think this is positive or negative press for breastfeeding in general? Do you think it’ll have an effect on Snooki’s fans?