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Unique Gifts Natural Parents Will Love

I'm super addicted to Pinterest. Although it's definitely not the best thing that's ever happened to my productivity, it's also not the worst. It's kind of helped my formerly-conflicted proctrastor and overachiever sides find some common ground; as a result, my house smells great this weekend, thanks to some homemade cinnamon ornaments, and a DIY natural air freshener (ahhhh). But the site is also my secret what-to-buy weapon this holiday season; my friends and families’ Pinterest boards have taken the guesswork out of gifting, not to mention led me on many a click-a-thon tangent -- it happens to the best of us -- filled with eye candy, new blogs and internet awesomeness galore. Not surprisingly, I've clicked my way through to Etsy more than once, and been reminded of that site's status as a #1 internet handmade awesomeness offender. 

So if you're wondering what to get that special natural parent-type person in your life, but wary of wading into tangential web-browsing waters, I've got your back. Check out my crunchy mom gifting cheat sheet below; I’ve highlighted a few really unique, perfect-for-the-natural-parent (and a few for their kids) items that have caught my eye online this season. Take a look, then -- if you've been busy clicking, pinning and gifting, too -- add your own ideas and good finds in the comments below!

For the breastfeeding mama: These pendants are pretty, subtle, and bound to be cherished long after baby weans (unlike, probably, a pro-booby t-shirt). And for ‘discreet’ feedings in public, every nursing mama will appreciate a booby baby beanie. (Bound to make even the most squeamish of passerby smile.)

For cloth diapering fams: Cloth diapers are expensive, but diaper covers are not, and cute options abound. I especially love this Very Hungry Caterpillar one. (Feel free to make a note of that for whenever we go in for baby #2.)

For co-sleepers: These “family bed” prints (also available as cards) capture the sweet chaos that is sharing a bed with the littles. I think they’d make a cheerful addition to any family bedroom wall.

For the Homebirthing Fam: This is a cute book for siblings, or just for new parents planning to birth at home. I’ve noticed most children’s books about new babies refer to hospital birth so kids born at home will, as they get bigger, also appreciate a story that represents their own homebirth beginnings.

For all-things-natural-parenting parents: These cheerful greeting cards represent the following themes: baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and attachment parenting, respectively. They can be purchased individually or as a set.

Don’t forget the kids!: Here’s a babywearing peg doll, great for pretend play in a dollhouse. (You could also probably make one of these pretty easily if you’re artistically inclined.) And I love these handmade natural parenting doll accessories so the kiddos can cloth diaper, breastfeed (with a cover) and babywear with the best of ‘em. (Most baby-wearing brands are now making mini carriers for the kids, too.) And hey, let's not forget the breastfeeding doll!

So what’s on your wish and gift lists this year? Share your ideas – and links-- below!

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