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Big Announcement! I Just Gave Birth To A…

Taylor Newman

BLOG! Isn’t that awesome? Oh, wait, did you think I had another baby? I would definitely have filled you in on the nine months leading up to that… and it’s going to be at least another year or two before we add another commitment of that caliber to our little Newman nest. In the meantime, I’m plenty busy raising up Mr. Kaspar Q. (who we all know and love), not to mention working, writing, cooking, and creating all manner of mama misadventure under the hot Texan sun. And since I’ve been blogging here on since the beginning of my pregnancy, I thought I’d try my hand at my own little blogalicious enterprise, just in case y’all can’t get enough of this good Taylor stuff by way of the once weekly dose.

But don’t worry—I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be posting here weekly with as much heart and humor as ever. But… if you’re hungry for more tasty recipes, real-life stories of amazing baby-eczema recovery, fun projects and some eye candy (photos with every post!), come on by my new digs at and take a look around.

It’s still a baby-blog. It's brand-spankin'-new (not endorsing spanking. Don't spank... kids, anyway). Which is to say, its rooms are a little sparse at the moment, content-wise, but I think you’ll like everything that’s posted, and I’ve been adding new posts every several days (read: bookmark me). I know many of you are mom-bloggers, too, so I’d LOVE any feedback, ideas, or words of wisdom you might have on how to make this project hum.

I’m also (after much resistance, source unknown) a newly minted Twitter user. I’m still figuring out how to actually Tweet in a way that makes sense, but let’s follow each other anyway. I’ll get the hang of it. And I’ll let you in on breaking giveaway news and other fun stuff like that.

So let’s do this thing, readers!! Your new procrastination destination/inspiration-station. Let me know what you think!