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About The Parenting Post

Welcome to The Parenting Post —'s brand new blog!

We, the editors of, scoured the blogosphere for moms and dads who blogged about parenthood with wit, sincerity, and self-deprecation — and who were good storytellers to boot. Now we're thrilled to introduce the five who've joined us at The Parenting Post. Meet:

Daring Young Mom, mastering motherhood (and Candyland) in the suburbs of Seattle;
Damomma, trying to stay sane with her cast of characters at La Casa Loony Tunes;
dahGurl, homeschooling a brood of five — count 'em, five! — in Baltimore;
Booby Juice, working, pumping, and raising four cats, two dogs, and two little boys;
• And Daddy Daze, who’s not so daddy-dazed that he can’t tie a pretty pigtail.

We're giving our bloggers free reign; their voices are their own. They've written three weeks' worth of posts for us, and already they've covered everything from funny car smells and the misuse of Band-Aids to critters under the stove and laundry-folding woes. We invite you to follow along every day as they tell their latest tales. Enjoy!

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