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Baby's First Bling

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a mother with a baby girl who did not like to sleep. Ever. She thought sleep was for the weak. Once she stopped nursing she was even worse. She wanted to be up and be entertained. And so I did what any mother would do, I gave her bottles to take to bed.

Oh, I had heard all about bottle mouth. I had heard the horror stories of little kids needing root canals and caps. And I weighed that against my need for sleep for, oh, five seconds or so. And decided that was why they are baby teeth! God designed babies to have teeth that fall out for just this reason! At least that is what I told myself in my sleep deprived state.

And that is the story of how my daughter ended up taking bottles to bed with her every night.

Then one day it came to pass that it was time for her 4.5 year dental check up. And at this checkup we noticed that she had some cavities. She then had an x-ray which revealed EVEN MORE cavities. All of them between her teeth where they could not be seen.

Off to the pediatric specialist we went.

He tells us about all of the work that will need to be done. He tells the baby girl that she will be getting a crown on her tooth. The girl claps, finally someone is recognizing her royal status in a way that she deserves.

And oh how she loves this silver princess tooth. She makes sure that she pulls her lip down to let it sparkle for all the world to see. And if they don't notice she says, "Hey, look at my bling tooth!"

Somehow it was much funnier when I called it Baby's First Bling in the dentist's office. Now when she says it to the person behind us in the grocery store line, I feel like they are silently judging me. Well, except for the ones that lean over and in a conspiratorial whisper admit that they too have child with a silver crown. And then I silently judge them.

The moral of the story? I guess it could be to not let your baby take bottles to bed. But I am a realist. Save some money, those pediatric specialists are expensive.


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