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Beany Boop

It's official. Bean is a flirt.

We have a friend, S, for whom Bean has developed quite a liking. Quite.

S dropped by for a quick visit a couple weeks ago. He sat down to hang out with us while the kids ate their dinner. During which Bean stole glances at him, and I swear — SWEAR! — I saw her bat her eyelashes at him. I used to think "batting one's eyelashes" was just a silly saying, something only characters like Betty Boop do (and something that I, of the scarce eyelashes, do not, and cannot, do). Alas, no. It is real, my friends. I saw my daughter — my 3-year-old daughter! — Betty-Boop her eyelashes at S.

At one point, she made a joke and, knowing she was being funny, glanced sideways to see if S was laughing. Then she did some sort of shoulder-lift/head-tilt/I'm-so-shy thing, which I believe is taught at the Betty Boop School of Higher Flirtation Education.

Buddy and Bean surfing the net with object-of-affection S (right). Alas, C (center) is already taken.

Clearly, she went to this school, graduated, and got her diploma while we weren’t looking.

Are your daughters mini-flirts, and if so, when did they start? (Please tell me they started this early. You can lie to make me feel better. It's okay.) And do your friends bring out their Betty Boopiness?

We're a little scared. She's 3. Was I that young when I developed my first crush? G's hopes of Bean becoming a tomboy, climbing trees, and playing football with the boys (and yes, perhaps even beating them up a little) may have flown out the window with that first eyelash bat. But it's his own damn fault. I mean, she certainly didn't get those deliriously crazy-long things from me.

To Bean's credit, S is quite handsome, incredibly nice, a lot of fun, and great with kids. So at least we can be assured that she has great taste. (I draw the line at making him my son-in-law, though.) On top of that, S just happens to be single right now. But he's kind of a keeper, so I suspect that status won't last very long.

In the meantime: Parents, watch out. If your daughters are 4 or under, chances are good that S will (unintentionally and completely innocently) bring out the Betty Boop in them as well. He just has that charm. Hey, don't say I didn’t warn you!


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