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Big Boy Bed

When we move out of this house we're only taking one crib with us. That's right: someone's getting himself a Big Boy Bed.

I'm not THAT nervous about it. For one thing, he's been sleeping in twin beds at both grandparents' house for over a year now. He still doesn't know what to do with a pillow and scorns the concept of blankets (WHY?) but he doesn't freak out and he falls asleep, and the thing I suppose most people worry about -- falling out -- has never happened. And if it did? Eh. He'd survive. I'm sure the spill he took on our front sidewalk today produced worse injuries than a potential bedtime crash.

I wasn't worried about it at all, in fact, until a few weekends ago when the kids and I spent the night at my parents' house. My mom put them to bed and I was downstairs talking and suddenly I heard PITTER PATTER THUMP THUMP THWACK! Pause. Then again: PITTER PATTER THUMP THUMP THWACK! As per my Ignore Unless There Is Blood And/Or Earsplitting Screams Policy, I let this go. It wasn't until the morning that I discovered the nineteen toy trains tangled up in Jack's sheets and blankets. I assumed my mother had given him the toys when he went to sleep, until I turned to leave the bedroom and spied the train table directly across from the door in the loft. AHA!

The following weekend we left the kids with my in-laws (WHAT. We're BUSY.) and when we drove down to pick them up, my mother-in-law wanted to tell me the funniest! story! Apparently she put Jack down for his nap earlier that day and he was so quiet she thought he MUST be sleeping! But maybe a half hour after she put him down, he scared the you know what out of her when she saw him standing behind her in the kitchen, silent as an up-to-no-good toddler and grinning ear to ear. Jack had removed himself from his bed, went down the huge, scary, hardwood staircase all by himself and WAITED for his grandmother to STUMBLE UPON HIM.

Obviously I didn't find this as funny as she did.

After he pulled the after hours toy stunt at my parents' house again, I started to wonder if this was going to be a Thing. The Boy Who Would Not Stay In Bed. I've mentioned before that Jack loves his crib and could play in there for hours. (And does! You BET I take advantage of that!) It's also the place we dump him when he's out of control or fighting with his sister or whining one of his parents to death. People tell us not to make his bed the Punishment Spot, but I actually think it's a great place for him. He calms down, he's happy in there and I know he's safe and contained. When we move and trade the crib for a twin bed I am SCREWED.

So maybe we need to keep it for a while. Like my mom said when I brought it up with her, "Too many changes all at once!" But he can't sleep in there FOREVER (and I can't think of one kid his age in our circle of friends who is still sleeping in a crib -- chalk up ANOTHER Parenting Fail!) I thought about transitioning him to a toddler bed if we were going to stay in this house, but since we plan to stash him in his own room in the next house, we'll go directly to a Big Boy Bed with pillows and blankets and gosh darn it he WILL learn to appreciate warm toasty covers!

Whenever we transition him, I think he'll sleep just fine. It's the getting OUT of bed. Thinking he is his own BOSS. This is not good. Phillip suggesting just locking him into his room, but my brother did this and every morning they found my nephew curled up on the floor in front of the door. OH YAY.

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